Getting Started with the rwc pack

Meet & Greet - Evaluation Process

To ensure the safety of RWC's pack, and assess how we can best serve your dog, we require all potential canine clients to go through our Meet & Greet/Evaluation process. During the Meet & Greet, one of our trainers will sit down with you and your dog to go over the Evaluation Form we have provided below, learn about your goals for your pet, the past and current life of your dog, answer any questions you may have, etc. After the initial Meet and Greet, your dog will spend the rest of the day with one of our Trainers. During their day they will spend time on the treadmill, around other dogs, and with the handlers and trainers here at RWC. Your dog’s response to each stimulus will be recorded and used to assign your dog’s color: Green, Yellow or Red.  A Green Dog is a dog that's easy going, friendly, has good manners, is very social, and has no reactivity issues. A Yellow Dog is one that may be fearful, shy, nervous, anxious, reactive, or mildly aggressive and is more difficult to work with than a Green Dog. A Red Dog is one that has bitten a human or animal before, will fight or attack another human or animal if given the chance, and continues to have aggression and/or reactivity issues. 

 If you're ready to have a happy, balanced and fulfilled dog, please download and fill out the Evaluation Form and sign the Terms of Service Contract below. Completion of the Evaluation form is mandatory for your pup's Evaluation. Once you've read our Terms of Service and completed your Evaluation form the next step in getting started is giving us a call to set up your appointment!

RWC Evaluation Form V.190516 (pdf)


RWC Terms of Service Contract V.181109 (pdf)