RWC Day Camp

How Are We Different From Other Canine Facilities?

Real World Canine is committed to providing a balanced and healthy lifestyle for your canine companion. We recognize the importance, not just of nourishing the canine body, but also of the mind and soul. By providing a safe and structured environment with activities specifically catered to dogs, RWC is able to accomplish that goal.

Our Day Camp is designed for any and all dogs that come to Real World Canine. If your pup is what we call a Green Dog (or "Greenie"), they get to enjoy the full Day Camp experience which includes: play groups, treadmills, indoor pools and more. 

For safety reasons, our Yellow and Red dogs have more restrictions. However,  this does not exclude them from participating in the full Day Camp experience. How do we include our Yellow and Red Dogs? Our staff is trained and educated in reading canine body language and behaviors. By keeping a close eye on the signals our Yellow and Red dogs are sending, we are able to help them navigate through each of our Day Camp activities safely and constructively.


  • Controlled Play Groups
  • Indoor Year-Round Heated Pool
  • Canine Treadmills
  • Canine Brain Games
  • 5000+ sqft Outdoor Play Yard 
  • Outdoor Wading Pool Coming Summer 2019!