Real World Canine Training

Puppy Foundations


Do you have a new addition to your family? Do you want your pup to grow up to be a well rounded canine? Our Puppy Foundations course teaches your puppy to navigate the confusing and unpredictable world we live in. We help your pup gain confidence with people, different noises, various objects, mother natures wonders and more.  

Basic Obedience


Basic obedience is a highly sought after skill that people want for their dogs. Basic Obedience consists of mastery of the commends Sit, Lay Down, Stay, and Come. These basic commands make for a well behaved dog that will be welcome anywhere, and also ensures their safety. We have designed an obedience program with different levels so that our clients' dogs have a solid understanding of the commands. Our goal is for your pet to be able to perform the commands in real life environments and situations.

Advanced Obedience


Advanced Obedience is the next step from Basic Obedience. Advanced Obedience includes more complex commands such as: Place, Off Leash Heel, Line Up, and more. Completion and mastery of the Basic Obedience course is required before dogs can be enrolled in the Advanced Obedience course. Just like our Basic Obedience Program, we have designed different levels to help your dog master their Advanced Obedience Skills.




Behavioral Modification & Rehabilitation


Obedience vs Behavioral Training

Contrary to popular belief, having an obedient dog is different from having a well behaved dog. An obedient dog is a dog that responds to verbal or physical commands. Obedience means you have more control over your dog's body. However, it does not mean you have their full attention. One way to understand the difference between obedience and good behavior is to see it in the context of a child's behavior. For example, you may tell your child to sit down while you're on the phone. They may sit, but they could still be exhibiting distracting or negative behaviors, such as screaming, or fussing in the background. Similarly, your dog may sit when told to (obedient), but still be putting out aggressive, or other unwanted and distracting behavior (not well behaved).  You may have control over their body at the time, but you do not have control over their mind. This is where our Behavioral Modification and Rehabilitation Training comes into play. We help your canine redirect their inclination and energy from practicing one behavior, to learn a new, and more  positive behavior.