Indoor Swimming Pool


  • 30' X 13' X 4' 
  • Open Year-Round
  • Heated in Cold Weather
  • Non-Slip Hydro-Turf Decking
  • In-Pool Platforms For Easy Entrance & Exit
  • Outdoor Access

RWC works to ensure that your dog's first experience with water is a positive one. To that end, we make sure they wear flotation vests, and work with a trainer until they are confident swimmers. 

This pool helps our canine clients to burn energy and build confidence. It can also help rehabilitate behaviors such as reactivity or aggression. The pool is also used for physical rehabilitation, strength training and much more. 

In  addition, RWC's pool is specially designed to ensure safety. Traditional pools use chlorine or salt to reduce harmful micro-organisms. Because sustained exposure to chlorine or salt is bad for your dog’s coat and digestion, our pools have a high-tech filtration system, that uses ozone and ultra-violet light to remove harmful micro-organisms and particulates.  Our pool water is constantly monitored to ensure it meets drinkable standards. 

watch the action



  • Custom built for dogs with wide tread and see-through enclosure
  • Easily accessible  emergency stop button
  • Automatic time and  speed  programming
  • Up to 10mph
  • Up to 15 deg incline 

Why Treadmill?

This is a frequently asked question from our customers. In the words of our dog trainer: "Treadmills are another mentally and physically draining exercise. It is hard for dogs to comprehend that the ground is moving underneath them, which challenges their brain and helps certain aspects of their mental growth. Not only does the treadmill help get rid of any extra energy, it can also help build confidence, help with reactivity and/or aggression rehabilitation, help the dog gain a pack mentality and more."

Outdoor Wading Pool


  • 30' X 4' X 2.5' 
  • Coming Summer 2019